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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

1. What will happen on my first visit to a homoeopath?

to give details of your presenting complaints, past illness, family histories, diets, lifestyles, mental emotions and a set of other questions to get a complete/totality/individualisation or, which helps to realise the actual depth of the symptom which limits you to act at your potential. This form of case taking helps in the right choice of remedy. You can expect privacy in the clinic, and all data’s collected will be confidential and safe. However, it is up to you to reveal answers to the questions asked. Time of consultation varies according to the symptoms, type and duration of the disease. It may take up to one and half hour depending on the disease condition.

2. How the remedies are taken?

15 minutes before the meals or half an hour after the meals. While on some of the homoeopathy medication, it will be advised to avoid strong tasting substance as sweet, tobacco, spicy food and in certain case's coffee, camphor, peppermint, alcohol and menthol, which are believed to counteract the remedies

3. Will there be any side effects?

of the medical substance has made the homoeopathy medicine free of side/toxic effects so it is low-risk and easy to take.

4. How many sessions will I need?

symptoms will be relieved by initial doses but in long term diseases that have developed gradually require longer treatment and may be asked to come for a second or third sitting which entirely depends upon the disease condition of the patient. During the period of treatment clients are more than welcome to call / mail to ask any questions/doubts about their situation and action of medicine

5. How I know the remedy is acting?

those which help the vital force of our body to get rid of the disturbing factors of our healthy human systems which contributes with General well being Mental and physical calmness Good sleep Increased energy Gradual disappearance of the symptoms