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Homoeopathy Benefits

Homeopathy is the second most used medical system in the world with over 550 million users (World Health Organisation).The holistic approach, the safe, rapid, gentle and permanent cure provided by homeopathy is prompting people to choose this medical science.

Homeopathy today is a fast-growing alternative therapy as people are now aware of the suppression of the disease and drug-related complications.


  • Taking the root cause of the disease condition.
  • Helping in relieving symptoms without suppressing it into the internal organs.
  • Action of natural remedies in minute dose, which works in the psychological, pathological and physiological levels of the body.
  • Managing acute and chronic condition's.
  • Ruling out the underlying cause of the disease which left untouched may flare up to another condition.
  • Action in hereditary tendencies that runs in the families.
  • Helping pregnant, nursing women children and infants.
  • Long-time storage of remedies.
  • Effectiveness even when taken along with other medicines.
  • Active results when given to animals and plants.
  • Safe for all ages. And much more benefits of using this remedy are being spread rapidly, and more and more people are opting for this therapy. There are more than 4000 medicines in use, and new medicines are researched and proved regularly.

  • Homeopathy Medicine

    Homeopathic medicines are made from a variety of sources, such as plants, animals and minerals. Remedies are made using the process of trituration, whereby the substance is reduced first to smaller than molecular size, (Nano-phase) and then go through vigorous succussions. When these substances are diluted as per homeopathic guidelines, these substances lose their natural toxicity, and only the medicinal curative properties remain active. Homeopathy is a science based upon sound logic and vast experimental data. Since the medicines are much diluted, homeopathic medicines are considered low-risk. The unique process of making the homeopathic medicine from these sources instils deep and profound abilities. Homeopathic medicine awakens and stimulates the powers of the whole body by communicating a current/pattern/frequency of energy, which acts as a catalyst to set healing into motion and jump-start the body’s own inherent curative mechanisms.

    Homeopathy is the only medicinal science where data has been collected by proving on human beings and not on animals because human beings can communicate their actual feelings during the testing while animals cannot. The homeopathic medicines are prepared in a standardized manner. They are prepared according to strict guidelines set out in international pharmacopoeias, and under the control of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The homeopathic pharmacopoeia lists the remedies whose clinical efficiency has been proven in various clinical trials conducted all over the world.

    The misconception persisted about homeopathic potencies for a very long time and there was no technique to demonstrate the same. Even so, new researches show that dilutions definitely act. They develop a 'stamp' or 'image' of the original substance, which does not get wiped off even in extremely diluted preparations. Many scientific clinical trials have proven that homeopathic medicines are far above the placebo effect. The curative effect of homeopathic medicine has been observed in millions of cases as well as in infants, animals and plants with wonderful results.

    Those who can benefit from homoeopathy are having concerns in

    • Stages of pregnancy

    • Childhood illness

    • Respiratory difficulties

    • diabetes/blood pressure/obesity

    • inflammations/infections

    • impaired immunity

    • Other acute and chronic illnesses.

    • digestive problems

    • eyes/ears/throat conditions

    • mental disturbances(anxiety, depression)

    • headaches

    • skin complaints

    • tiredness, sleeplessness

    • joint pains

    Dr Samuel Hahnemann : "Homeopathy appeals to the proof of action"